Member Services

AMT members benefit from the following services:

  • Attendance and participation at the AMT annual General Assembly (voting rights are for full members only)
  • Attendance at all AMT events (African Microfinance Week, Investor’s Fair, trainings and workshops for members) with registration fee discount
  • Profile and logo to be presented on this website
  • Opportunity to announce events or information through AMT
  • Access to AMT’s rating co-fund
  • Inclusion in AMT’s information dissemination list and quarterly newsletter
  • Facilitation of joint initiatives with other AMT members

Who can apply?

AMT has 3 categories of members:

Full members

MFI and Rating Agency ordinary membership is per organisation and not per individual. Full membership is only open to Founding Members, MFIs and Rating Agencies subscribing to the Forum’s statutes & rules. 
Full members have the right to vote on all points at the annual General Assembly and have their travel and accommodation costs are mainly subsidised by AMT. Member organisations are encouraged to send the same representatives to meetings for the sake of continuity.

Associate members

This status is open to institutions and individuals. Associate members must be active in microfinance in Africa and represent a value-added for the association. Non- rated MFIs can also become associate members and take advantage of the rating co-fund. Once they are rated, the MFIs automatically become full members of AMT.
Associate members also benefit from preferential registration fees to AMT events, but their travel and accommodation costs are not covered by the association. 


This category is open to potential members by invitation (MFIs, Rating Agencies, and other microfinance stakeholders). Observers can attend activities as invited but at own costs, with no voting rights.

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How to become a member of AMT?

Membership criteria for applying MFIs


  • MFIs must have minimum assets of €200,000
  • MFIs must have been in existence for at least 3 years
  • MFIs must have a minimum of 3000 clients
  • MFIs must have had a financial rating within the last 2 years of applying
  • MFIs must provide their most recent financial statements and portfolio report (audited or not) when applying for membership
  • The MFI must be committed to have a social rating within 2 years
  • The MFI must provide its most recent audited financial statement (and most recent unaudited financial statements) and portfolio report  when it submits its application
  • MFIs must report social performance indictors to the MIX
  • Must be willing to sign the member’s code of conduct
  • MFIs must not engage in any illegal activity (as prescribed by the laws of the country)
  • MFIs must have microfinance as their core business

Rating Agencies:

  • Rating Agencies must subscribe to the code of conduct
  • Rating Agencies must have performed ratings in Africa
  • Rating must complete  compliance report on the adherence to the code of conduct
  • Rating agencies must publish the compliance report

Associate members

All institutions / individuals:

  • Must be an institution or individual
  • Must be active in the field of performance evualuation in microfinance or in African microfinance
  • Associate members must be institutions or individuals who make significant contributions to the vision and mission of AMT, and represent a value added to the organisation

NB: Associate members

  • Do not have voting rights
  • Cannot collectively represents more than 20% of total ordinary members
  • Can attend AMT meetings, at their own cost

Application forms

If you would like to join AMT and you meet the eligibility criteria listed above, you can fill out the online application form:

For MFIs Please do not forget to send the coordinator a copy of your most recent financial statements as well as the executive summary of your financial rating report to the .

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