Investor's Fair

The Fair's Objectives

The recent evolution of microfinance highlights the growing importance of available transparent information regarding the financial performance of MFIs.

Growth opportunities for these institutions are closely linked to their ability to mobilise resources especially among private investors.

Investor's Fair 2011, Accra Ghana

Access to these commercial-related funds is generally linked to the availability of up-to-date and transparent financial information which facilitates the ability to check an institution’s aptitude for covering all its costs.

AMT deems it important to facilitate this link between rated African MFIs and microfinance investors and so invites both parties to attend an annual interactive  investor’s fair.  

The Directory of Microfinance Investors:

AMT further maintains a regularly updated database containing information and contact details of the main African MFI funding providers. The update of the 2009 version has now been published and you may purchase it for €20 (P&P included). For more information or to place your order, please contact the coordinator. You may also download a preview here.